Hemp Bros Grass Drinking Straws | 100 Pack

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  •  100% NATURAL/ORGANIC GRASS DRINKING STRAWS: These drinking straws are made from grass that grows very quickly in Vietnam which makes it a fully sustainable product. Every pack is unique, as the colour, length and diameter of each straw is different.


  •  ENVIRONMENT/ECO/OCEAN FRIENDLY: Being plastic free these straws are environment, ecological & ocean friendly. Make a conscious choice to be plastic straw free today.


  •  LONG SHELF LIFE: These straws have been sterilised and dried in a kiln to prolong shelf life. They are completely hygienic & food safe, as well as being odourless and tasteless so will not ruin your drink or cocktail. Shelf life is 18-24 months when stored correctly.


  • REUSABLE AT HOME: These straws can be reused, simply rinse through with clean water and leave to dry. Not recommended to reuse in commercial applications.


  • FULLY BIODEGRADABLE: After use these straws can be chewed to help clean teeth and gums or even eaten. To dispose of your straws simply place in your food or compost bin once they are ready to be thrown.
The Hemp Bros Grass Drinking Straws | 100 Pack is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

Inventory Last Updated: Aug 11, 2020